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Established in 1964, the Capital Management Corporation (CMC) is a SEC-registered investment advisor providing investment management services to institutions, foundations, and high net worth individuals. The firm is 100% employee owned and operated with the singular purpose of managing long-term investment portfolios.

CMC strives to maximize investor return and minimize loss by applying a principled and disciplined proprietary process.  CMC holds itself to the highest standards of fiduciary duty and is among a select group of investment management companies that are Global Investment Performance Standards® (GIPS) compliant.

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Capital Management Corporation investment advisors


CMC Feature on Kiplinger

CMC was recently featured on Kiplinger. The link to the article that they wrote about our process and unique outlook is here. Or watch the video from their Youtube Channel...

MONETARY POLICY: Central Bank Actions Could Create a Quandary

The US Federal Reserve (the Fed) raised its overnight interest rate (Federal Funds Rate) by 0.25% to a range of 1.75%-2% earlier this year (June’18).  This marked the 7thrate hike since December 2015.  Two more 0.25% interest rate increases are expected later this...

FUTURE CHANGES: Where to Invest

A strong economy with rising inflation and interest rates should hurt some bond investors.  While many bond investors strive for capital preservation, stability and yield, in recent years it was hard to find all three traits in the same security.  Some investors found...

ECONOMIC OUTLOOK: 4% Domestic Growth

First quarter economic growth data has been unreliable in recent years.  The government’s seasonal adjustment of data is large in the winter and is quite complicated.  The first quarter also tends to have outsized weather effects and changing consumer trends.  Some...

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